ARTIS is the leading international company in the field of tool, process and machine condition monitoring and the adaptive control of processes in metal machining.

ARTIS develops, manufactures and distributes hardware and software components for this sector. ARTIS was founded in 1983 and is located in Bispingen-Behringen, approximately 50 km south of Hamburg, Germany. With a staff of about 50 employees, the ARTIS group achieved a turnover of more than €7 million in 2007. With company-owned subsidiaries in the USA and Italy as well as agencies in all industrial nations, including China, Korea, Japan and Australia, ARTIS is well represented around the world. The role of ARTIS is to optimise production processes to achieve quality assurance and cost reduction. The success of ARTIS is based on a small but effective development department made up of about 10 developers and other well-trained staff members, who are supported by three excellent external development service providers. ARTIS offers to the COMET consortium its expertise in research on industrial manufacturing robots.

During the last few years, ARTIS has participated in various research projects, national ones include LoeWe, Make-it or ENµA and internationally COMPRO and Lith-Pro. As a result of the project outcomes, ARTIS will take care of the commercialisation of the KDMIR after the lifetime of the project.

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> End of project: 30th June 2013

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